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Robin Hoods Stride

My first ever walk in the peak district involved overambitious mileage and badly blistered feet , honestly why I caught the bug I’ll never know. Well actually it’s because of places like this that soar the spirit on high like pidgins carrying you aloft……..

er sorry got carried away for a moment , anyway this is  a gem of a rock formation that has two pillars of rock separated by a gap of about 20 feet. all I can say is robin hood must have had long legs to stride that . Personally I thought more of King Arthur and his knights than robin hood and I was expecting to find a sword stuck in the rock for me to pull out (might tell you that story one day) .

I can’t remember what its made of either but I think its grit stone . Nearby just in the woods a little way down lies the hermits cave which is worth a little visit and if your lucky you might get a glimpse of deer through the trees as I did.

Elton is the nearest village with Winster also nearby and this is all located at the southern east end of the peak district with the limestone trail running close by.

Unfortunately the youth hostel at Elton as long since closed so matlock could be nearest if you need accommodation of this kind , although plenty of B and B’s and campsites should be close by.


Oh and another memorable thing about this spot as I sat looking at my sore feet a group of walkers stopped by for conversation. Some of them expressed sympathy and kind words.  One of them a old grizzled fellow looked at them for a moment and said “tha should piss on them lad , that’ll toughen um up” .


Ps. I didn’t take him up on his suggestion.